OpenVPN and webConfigurator on port 443

Small gotcha if you are running webConfigurator on port 443 on the lan side and a OpenVPN server on port 443 on the wan side. In the case of a reboot and the wan interface don’t go up (Cable is unplugged). OpenVPN binds to port 443 before webConfigurator, and since OpenVPN cant bind to wan (because its down) it will bind to all interfaces.

The Result is that webConfigurator won’t be able to bind to port 443 and will be inaccessible.

Solution is either to bring up the wan interface and reboot, or to change the port webConfigurator is using. Easiest is to change webConfigurator from https to http in the console.

  1. press 8 in the pfsense menu to go open shell
  2. run command viconfig
  3. Search for <webgui> and <protocol>https</protocol>
  4. change to <protocol>http</protocol>
  5. press shift + q to get prompt
  6. run write to save config
  7. run quit to exit viconfig
  8. run exit to exit shell
  9. press 11 in the pfsense menu to restart webconfigurator who now will bind to port 80